Diversified IT Solutions

Health Care and Business Analytics


Hloul is spearheaded by experts in information solutions and business intelligence applications. Hloul's highly trained consultants, collaborates with the client’s team to offer a complete set of solutions.

In digital marketing, Hloul approaches the healthcare sales force with a closed loop marketing application that hosts all their visual aids. It allows them to deliver their messages with an animated and cross-referenced content. The application provides to the marketing team, a detailed usage and feedback analysis to measure the impact of their messages and hence close the loop.
Hloul also targets companies, who struggle with multiple conflicting reporting sources, to consolidate and create a unified set of interactive dashboards that uncovers hidden problems or potentials in the company’s performance.

Facing complex budget exercises, Hloul provides a budget planning system, which allows an interactive bottom-up and top-down design structures. With an easy and intuitive user’s interface it supports multiple budget scenarios and validations.

Hloul tailors the solutions based on the client’s particular sector, objectives and evolving business requirements. Ideal for multinationals and pharmaceuticals since it is part of IPS, Hloul can provide any business based in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) with the edge. Effective CRM systems, insightful sales analysis and more are all here.

For more information, please visit www.hloul.com