Market Access

Wide Market Access for Multinational Companies - IPS Trading

IPS Trading gives market access to multinational companies that deal with generics and brands. The Middle East and Africa is a promising region and yet many firms avoid such markets because of the expected complexities and challenges. IPS Trading advantage is that we know these markets and each country in the region and can overcome all the barriers.

IPS Trading opens the door of the MEA region through its networking and expertise. An ideal partner for multinationals, IPS Trading boasts highly effective marketing, sales and distribution services and overall reliability. In addition we develop market access programs thru partnerships and implantation of disease management programs.

IPS Trading is the official representative of several esteemed companies specialized in a diverse range of medical products from pharmaceuticals to hospital disinfectants, and hearing implants.

IPS Trading offers a diversified portfolio of solutions by sourcing products from respected regional, European and US suppliers:
  • Medical treatments
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Infectious, cardiovascular and central nervous system diseases
  • Consumer health care
  • Diagnostic and personalized medicine
  • Medical equipment