Our Market

The Middle East and Africa region is full of potential and IPS knows how to tackle the market's challenges.

Home to a vast and rapidly growing population, this region's people are more educated and have better disease awareness than ever before. The demand for innovative and high-quality diagnostic and pharmaceutical solutions is on the rise. The pressure is on for governments to increase their investments in the healthcare sector. The MEA region represents a substantial percentage of the world's GDP and boasts a lion's share of global oil reserves. The significant economic growth and a population with increasing purchasing power makes it fertile ground for pharmaceuticals and medical product companies.
And yet the market is fragmented and each country has different barriers. The complexity of the market because of legal, regulatory and security issues makes it especially tough for multinationals to get ahead. IPS is a key player in this rapidly growing market and sector, making us an ideal partner for success. IPS knows the market inside out. With a team from the region and extensive experience working in the region, we know how to get things done, even in the most challenges countries in the MEA. Our track record proves this.