Personalized Medicine

Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine - IPS Genomix

IPS Genomix stands for innovation that benefits to the community. Specialized in the latest prognostic, predictive and personalized medicine, IPS Genomix gives treating physicians access to important and clinically relevant genomic information further to testing human specimens (tissue, blood, saliva, buccal swab…) in the European or US partnering laboratories accredited and specialized in this field.

The treating physician can then individualize the treatment of his/her patients to enhance the prevention and/or treatment of certain conditions and diseases. IPS Genomix brings this intelligent and groundbreaking new solution to treating physicians and their patients in the Middle East and Africa thanks to partnerships with multinational companies.

Our regional customer service unit ensures high quality service for the requested test, with all the logistics related to specimen shipment until the results reception by the treating physician while respecting the turn-around time/test. Given the rapid evolution of this particular field, IPS Genomix constantly incorporates new technology platforms and assays to offer physicians and their patients with the most up-to-date, reliable and cutting-edge personalized medicine tools.

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